Yes, the year went by fast and it’s been fun posting and meeting some nice people that share their thoughts and are very sincere with their feelings.

Many times I wanted to quit because my followers were almost non- existent. I wondered what I was doing wrong. What was that special thing that I needed to do?

Then I found out that hubby was enjoying reading my blog, and my daughters, daughter-in-law along with my granddaughter were reading it as well, making me feel like I had accomplished something.

My blog is not here to educate anyone, only to offer some crafting ideas, sewing projects and offer a place to take your mind off the stressful things in life.  But, I am happy that I do have a something to share with anyone that cares to read about it.

So, my blog will continue and I thank those of you that have taken an interest in me, along with my blog.


Now, back to business.

This weekend I’ll be participating in a craft-boutique sale—if it doesn’t rain.

One of my items to sell is this little girls apron that I made from a pattern.



The pattern is super easy for a beginner.DSCN4752

Thank you again for visiting my blog!♥♥♥♥