Yes, I am a Tejana (Texan). I was born in Austin, Texas, many years ago.

I have many cousins there, but I went to visit two in particular that I keep in touch with.

It’s been 33 years since we had been there, so this was a treat for us.

I loved my morning view from my cousin’s kitchen window.

No, the cows don’t belong to my cousin, they are owned by the neighbors.


We were fortunate enough to visit a few treasures of Austin. One of them being Mt. Bonnell overlooking Lake Austin..  The views are spectacular!


Then off we went to the quaint little town of Georgetown.  The town has many restored original buildings from the  1800’s.




My pink for today is in a quilt that we saw in a little craft store where all items are made by senior citizens.  They offered many different items for sale.



More about Texas at a later date.♥♥♥♥