Our internet was down for 2 1/2 days and it really inconvenienced us.  We are spoiled indeed.

Yes, I know the Amish do without all these silly modern things, but we are not Amish and have come to depend on getting our information quickly.

Well, we’re back up and now we’re happy.  Back to normalcy.

This project is not a new idea but still is fun to do, especially if you can find plain t shirts on sale.

I happened to find a brown tee shirt; but I love color, so I decided to add some color and embellish it.

Super simple!

All you need is:

t shirt

fabric (should have a design on it, flowers, etc. to iron on to t-shirt.)

glue (a good fabric glue)

sequins (optional)

fusible web ( to iron on to your fabric)

I happen to like bling, so I added sequins.

DSCN4356  DSCN4359