My grandkids think this is a great treat and so simple to do.

I just freeze some Kool- Aid  pouches. When they’re frozen you  let them sit out for a while so that they can soften just a bit, enough to be eaten with a spoon, just like a snow cone.

The kids eat the frozen treat right out of the pouch, I ate it from a fancy cup.♥




Growing up in the 50’s and being very poor, Kool- Aid was the drink of choice. We loved all the colors (flavors). Yes, it is nothing but colored sugar water, but hey, we grew up ok, so please don’t  judge.

My brother and I had to work in the fields in the summer to earn enough  money for our school clothes. Our mom always made our lunch and always put Kool- Aid in for us.

Mom would get a pail and line it with newspapers and put some ice in, then more newspapers and more ice along with a glass jar full of our favorite flavor, covered with more newspapers.

We didn’t have an ice chest or a thermos, so this was our way of getting a cold drink.

At lunch time my brother and I would sit down under the grapevines to have our taquitos (burritos) and ice cold Kool- Aid.  We were in heaven at lunch time, but then, back to reality, to work in the hot, dry Fresno heat until our Dad picked us up at 4:30.

When we arrived back home, our Mom had dinner and more Kool-Aid waiting for us.  It was so good to be home, after being in the sun all day long.