This is shirred fabric that I am using to make a sundress from.  Shirred meaning that it’s been gathered at the top and will stretch to fit your body.

All you have to do is get the right amount and then sew the one seam.

This is the easiest project ever for those that don’t sew, but wait until the fabric is on sale.

At my fabric store it was $24.00 a yard and I waited till it was half off.  Yes, I am a tight wad.

This will be my sundress for the summer, except that I will sew some straps on it. I’m a little too  young for the strapless look.



I have been waiting for my lovely daughters to come by so that they could model my last apron, but everyone has been so busy lately that I have to do the honors.


Since I am trying to build up my inventory I pinned another apron together.  This one is made from some of my old jeans.





I love my mannequin, I feel like I’m on Project Runway.♥♥♥♥