I’m thinking of bringing a more glamorous fanny pack back into fashion. Well,  at least for my personal use.

The clutch purse I made several months ago will be the one I use to make my fanny pack.





Years ago when hubby and I would travel we would quickly grab our fanny packs, especially when we went to Reno or Las Vegas.

I know that they’re not very fashionable and considered elderly wear, and a faux pas, but I’m here to bring it back into fashion for women.

Since we’ll be taking a little trip soon, I’m trying to make things a little easier for myself because my purse weighs at least 10 lbs. with all the junk I carry in it. My idea sounds good for me and hope some of you will think the same.

I found a metal chain belt that will be used to fasten around my waist holding the purse in place once I sew some belt loops on the inside of my clutch purse.

Finding what to wear it with will be fun.

Okay, I’m ready.