My youngest daughter called to see what I was doing last night. I told her I was making an Easter egg shaped hot pan pad (trivet), I couldn’t think of the correct name at the time. She asked why and that I should be making something that I actually needed.

Well, I do need pretty, little Easter egg shaped trivets, doesn’t everyone who celebrates Easter?♥

So, after  catching up on our activities and saying our goodnights, I continued on with my sewing, enjoying my creativity,  and thinking that if I had to sew utilitarian items for the family, well that would be work, and definitely would not be fun!

So, if you ever need to make Easter egg trivets, this is how I made them.


After sewing strips of scrap fabric together I cut out two eggs  for the front.

Then I cut out the backing and the batting.


I sewed all pieces together with right sides of fabric together leaving a little opening to turn it right side out and then you have your little trivet.  You’ll just need to sew the opening up and if you want you can stitch some decorative stitches on the eggs.