People say that if you meditate at least ten minutes a day you can relieve some of the stress in your life.

So last week after my morning walk I went into my garden to give it a try. I love my garden and thought this would be the perfect place.



How can you not meditate in a garden filled with flowers and their sweet fragrances and little birds flying back and forth,  so I went to sit on our bench at the end of the garden.

I closed my eyes, was very relaxed and started to meditate. I think I was meditating because I’m still not sure how it works. I tried clearing my mind of clutter.

I could still hear the birds and I could hear the buzzing of bees as they worked the flowers. It sounded so peaceful.

But after a few minutes a strong breeze came up and set the fish plaque, hanging  in the grandkids tree house to go off. The silly fish sings, “Don’t worry, be happy ” and then my hubbies big wind chime starts chiming, well, that  broke up the meditation session.


So I’m thinking a room with no distractions would work better than my garden filled with nature’s gifts.

♥♥DSCN3471 (1)♥♥