Every morning when I walk down my garden path, I’m sure to find a new surprise.

DSCN3396 (2)

First there was a freshly showered upon rose that was waiting to be seen. I’m always excited as the roses show their first bloom.

On another day, I really was surprised to find this one.  Miss Iris decided to make her appearance, and I didn’t even know I had planted her.


Now on to my new project for my grandsons.

Hubby and I have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. And because it’s always so much easier to shop and sew for our granddaughter, our grandsons get left out sometimes.

But now it is their turn to receive a sewing surprise.

I found a little stash of fabric for boys.


I can’t say what I’m making, because my daughter and daughter-in-law read my blog, sometimes.  I’m excited that I thought of something I could make for them and hope they will be excited when they receive it.♥♥