Growing up in the Vietnam War era made me realize what it means for someone you know to serve our country.  It was a time of being drafted into service, a time of draft dodgers, a time of anger, and fear.  We as young high school kids didn’t really understand why this was happening. Many friends went to war, some came back and some didn’t. Some returned and faced many emotional problems.  So we know all the fears and anxiety of todays service men.  Show them appreciation.

Just doing simple things can make Veterans feel appreciated.

1.Have your own little parade with your children doing the honors.

DSCN2138                        DSCN2139

2. Have a special place where they can relax.


3. A little flag showing respect for our country.


Simple things are the best.  It doesn’t take much to do something for them, after all they have offered their lives for our freedom and rights.