It’s been a busy week. Trying to keep up with news about our nephew who is very sick;  we’re praying for his recovery.  Also, I had my grandkids over on Wednesday after school, tried to do some crafts, sewing, gardening, and cooking.  Just writing about it makes me tired.  I don’t even have time to put make-up on anymore. If I have errands, I go with my hair flying all over, put my sweats on and  off I go!


But I do want to show you my “In memory of,” quilted wall hanging that I am making for our niece, who lost her baby at childbirth.  I mentioned this last week in one of my posts.  Much work still has to be done, but wanted to give you a sneak peek.

My meaning for the  wall hanging is that the family home is being rained upon with hearts being sent down from above, (heaven), by their little baby girl. I don’t know how the baby will be represented yet, I’m still debating on that.  If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Here’s another view.


Love begins by taking care of the closest ones–the ones at home.

Mother  Teresa