Many years ago women wore aprons for cooking, and cleaning, now, not so much. I remember my mother wearing them all the time as she worked in the home.  Now aprons are more of a decoration, and I have  seen some lovely ones on Pinterest.

  At one point I was making aprons from recycled jeans, so  I decided to participate in a craft show , and thought  that my aprons  would be a big hit.  Well they were a big hit, in a way.  The people gave me many compliments and examined them very carefully, but then never even bought one.  I could hear them trying to figure out how I made them and tried to guess what part of the jeans I had used.  But still, not one person bought a single one. One person came back twice and looked at a certain apron. I could tell she was debating on what to do, well she finally walked away without the apron.

Disappointment turned into anger, but then I realized that I did the very same thing when I attended craft shows.  I’d always examine the item very carefully and then I’d say, ” Oh I can make that.” and walk away.  Actually, I still do this.  Well I guess the old saying is true; “What goes around, comes around.” Lesson learned!  But I’m not going to be discouraged and will now continue to make my aprons and see if I can do a little better.

DSCN1922                       DSCN1929