Lupita felt like sitting in the sun for a photo shoot. This quilted wall hanging is a take on the Sunbonnet Sue pattern, but because I am Mexican-American, I thought a sombrero would suit my identity best.  As you can see, I love the use of bright colors, mixing the reds and purples. I am not a traditional quilter. I do what pleases me and although some quilters might cringe at my designs or sewing, I believe that’s what quilting is all about, showing your own personality and creativity. In my world of sewing there is no wrong!  So, get going and do your thing!

DSCN1895       DSCN1898  Here’s my Lupita, amongst the cosmos and a close-up of her. She did ask for some bling on her sombrero so I used some sequins on the rim of her hat.

At the moment I am in the middle of another project for one of my nieces. She lost her baby at childbirth so I’m making a wall hanging in memory of her baby.  I’ve talked to her about it, and she was very excited.  It will be a happy, colorful quilt and hope that it will bring a smile to her face.  A picture will follow later this week.

P.S.  I would like to explain my blog title to those of you that don’t read Spanish. It means, my little house, my little ranch.  When I told my daughters the title they asked, what’s that?  Yes, shame on me for not teaching them the Spanish language, but there is a reason, although some might think it’s a weak excuse. I might explain at a later date.