Yes, I have finally given birth to my blog. Many months of thinking and rethinking whether or not to blog and I finally decided to take the leap. I’m hoping to share my thoughts and any handiwork that I have accomplished to any and all that  might be interested.  I have sewn most of my life, making my own clothes and then making clothes for my daughters.  Now, I enjoy quilting and creating my own ideas for the quilts.

I also do some gardening and by no means am I an expert at it.  It’s all trial and error.  Today, I planted some snap peas.  My youngest grandson likes to  pick them off the vine. So  here’s hoping they come up.

Please join me as I learn how to blog and make it interesting for all of you that read, Mi casita, Mi ranchito, and please, I welcome any comments that are constructive and helpful.